Raising Christian Kids Toolkit

This resource includes three guides to help you navigate the important conversations to be having with your child in today’s culture, including:

1. Top Tips for Raising Kids Today – this guide will give you practical tips you can start using NOW!

2. 7 Principles of God’s Design – in today’s culture it’s not enough to teach our children the Gospel, we must also teach them God’s design so they can be confident in His design for creation, humans, the two genders, marriage, the church, etc when they come in contact with anti-Biblical ideas.

3. Divinely-Designed Differences: Male & Female – this guide will give you tips for sharing with your children how males and females are different mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and spiritually so they will not believe the cultural narrative that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.

These resources were designed to use with your child as you talk about these important topics.

Raising Christian Kids Toolkit

Truth & Love Conversations

This one course covers three critical areas of our Christian walk…

  • Equips us to understand the essential truths of our Gospel and how to defend it against the current cultural narratives like My Truth/Your Truth, God is Love (period), Love is Love, and more.
  • Gives us the faith principles to teach our children solid theology that will withstand the cultural narratives shared above.
  • Gives us the necessary tools to share our faith with truth and love to those God has entrusted you with. This course is foundational for our faith walk.

You will learn…

  1. How to effectively share the Gospel in a way that takes into account the primary concern of this generation: Identity & Purpose.
  2. Why the Character of God matters and is essential to our Salvation.
  3. How to defend the accuracy and legitimacy of the Bible.
  4. And much more.
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