Is Transgenderism a Mask?

Written by Andrea Crum

December 7, 2023

Is Transgenderism a Mask?

The more I learn about transgenderism and hear stories from families, the more I’ve come to realize that oftentimes, when a child identifies as trans, their new “identity” is really more of a mask used to protect, hide, or comfort them.

Think of an actor who gets on stage and inhabits a whole new persona. Rather than being their authentic selves like society would have us believe transgenders are doing, there’s oftentimes something underneath the surface that makes this child want to put on the mask and disappear into a whole new reality. They want to forget who they really are, and escape into something new.

I remember watching a video on the furry phenomenon and they said something similar. That a child could be very introverted and shy, but when they put on their furry costume, they suddenly became silly, fun, and outgoing. It allowed the child to become someone (or in this case, something) else.

For children who identify as trans, this could be for several reasons…

  1. Protection– it’s not uncommon for people who identify as lgbtq to have been abused at some point in their lives. It could be physical abuse or sexual, mental or emotional. As an example, if it was sexual abuse, a young girl may think it will be safer for her to be a male so that she won’t endure the abuse any longer.
  2. Hiding Out – if a child doesn’t like who they are or their body, and feels shame because of it, the child may decide it is better to resurrect a new image than be vulnerable living as who they are where they are exposed to self-criticism and bullying.
  3. Comfort – like cutting, or drinking, or drugs, the child may feel comfort in this new persona that essentially soothes them from the either real or perceived harsh or difficult realities of their life.

When you see or meet a teen who identifies as trans, pray for them. Pray that God would heal their hearts, bring people into their life who will love them and speak Biblical truth with compassion, pray for their parents who are undoubtedly struggling and deeply impacted by what their child is going through.

Understand that not all kids who identify as trans are trying to be edgy or rebellious. Many are genuinely hurting and need Jesus to heal.

If you are a parent whose kid identifies as LGBTQ and you would like to be part of the support group we lead for parents, please reach out. Our parents have all been so grateful to be part of a group where there’s no judgment, or shaming, and where they don’t feel so isolated and alone, and where they know that the Bible is always the foundation on which we lean.

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