Truth & Love Conversations

This one course covers three critical areas of our Christian walk…

  • Equips us to understand the essential truths of our Gospel and how to defend it against the current cultural narratives like My Truth/Your Truth, God is Love (period), Love is Love, and more.
  • Gives us the faith principles to teach our children solid theology that will withstand the cultural narratives shared above.
  • Gives us the necessary tools to share our faith with truth and love to those God has entrusted you with. This course is foundational for our faith walk.

You will learn…

  1. How to effectively share the Gospel in a way that takes into account the primary concern of this generation: Identity & Purpose.
  2. Why the Character of God matters and is essential to our Salvation.
  3. How to defend the accuracy and legitimacy of the Bible.
  4. And much more.

Raising Christian Kids

The Raising Christian Kids course does a deep dive on God’s design and an in-depth review of the current postmodern ideologies that are seeping into the church and are present in our culture including Critical Gender, Queer, and Race Theory, plus more.

This course, most importantly, equips parents with the necessary conversations to be having with our children. Whether you are in preparation mode and proactively equipping your children or whether you are already in the midst of walking your children through these progressive ideologies, you will find this training impactful for fruitful and healthy dialogue with your child of any age.

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders – One of our primary responsibilities as faith-filled Believers is to share Jesus and to restore culture. God has designed each of us with a purpose to further His Kingdom and to impact the influential institutions that impact our culture like arts and entertainment, business, church, education, family, government, and media.

The Kingdom Builders course is perfect for parents and children to discover what God has for you in this next season. For some, you’ve had a dream in your heart for years. Others, have no idea where to even start dreaming about what God has in store, but you know He’s called you to something and you’re ready to discover it. At the end of this course, you will have a concrete plan with first steps for moving toward what God has planned for you.

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