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The mission of Genuine Family Ministries is to equip and encourage families to stand firm on their faith in this confusing culture.

We believe if, as parents, we do not rise up and raise our children to stand firm on their faith, our children and the church will be lost in the next generation to anti-Biblical beliefs.

At Genuine Family Ministries, we believe that the best way to equip our kids in this culture is to teach them the Biblical Worldview and the anti-Biblical ideas that come against it. That way they can spot what is Biblical truth from cultural lies.

Understanding the Biblical Worldview

Understanding the Postmodern Worldview

Learning to Discern Between the Two

Raising Christian Kids Toolkit

To Learn How, Get The Book!

Christ Over Culture Book

“This book is like a Christian parenting lifehack.”
Lori Morrow, VP Women in Apologetics

Discover a powerful guide for Christian parents seeking to equip their children to live out their faith in today’s chaotic, self-focused society. Christ Over Culture: Raising Christian Kids to Stand in a Postmodern World empowers parents to help their kids discern anti-Biblical ideas and ground them in God’s truth. Through a blend of theology, worldview analysis, apologetics, and critical thinking skills, Christ Over Culture will equip parents with tangible strategies to run their race, stewarding their children to the glory of God.

Join us in our mission to equip families to stand firm on their faith in this culture.

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