Our Mission

The mission of Genuine Family Ministries is to equip and encourage families to stand firm on their faith in this confusing culture.

We believe if, as parents, we do not rise up and raise our children to stand firm on their faith, our children and the church will be lost in the next generation to anti-Biblical beliefs.

This is the heart cry of Genuine Family Ministries and why God has given us this important mission.

It’s not enough in today’s culture to teach our kids the gospel, we also need to teach them God’s design. We also need to show them what it looks like to love Jesus, by first modeling it ourselves, and we need to help them align their understanding of the world to Scripture, by first aligning our worldview to it.

How do we do it?

At Genuine Family Ministries we believe there are three components for cultivating a faith-filled family. Each aspect of our teachings focus on responding to our children and our culture with both truth and love.

Rooting our lives in Jesus.

By spending time with Jesus, understanding sound theology, aligning to God’s word, and sharing Him with others.

Raising up our children to stand firm on their faith.

By understanding our postmodern culture and creating healthy dialogue with our kids now about God’s design and His Word.

Restoring our culture.

By equipping ourselves and our kids to live a life driven by God’s purpose for us.

Raising Christian Kids Toolkit

Join us in our mission to equip families to stand firm on their faith in this culture.

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